Hotel Furniture and built-in Equipment



Twin Circle

Industrial Design: Ludd

Fabrication: Ludd, Rokani

#furniture #interior

The Twin Circle Hotel is located in the Metaxourgio, Athens neighborhood and is housed in a residential building typical of the early 20th century, originally designed to accommodate multiple households in small independent apartments arranged around a central courtyard. These apartments have since been renovated and are now offered by the hotel for guest accommodations. 

Our task was to design the interior furnishings while adhering to the basic interior layout since the building's infrastructure was already in place. For the construction of all the furniture pieces, we proposed a unified structural system composed of metal sheets and natural wood. The vertical elements are formed by corrugated metal sheets that surround the joints of the horizontal wooden surfaces. Oak wood was chosen for the joints, and reclaimed pine wood was used for the surfaces and frames.

The compact horizontal surfaces are both aesthetically and constructively autonomous, held in place by slender and transparent vertical elements at different levels. This design approach caters to the hotel's core functions. Consequently, the functional surfaces appear to move freely within the vertical space defined by the metal elements. The form of both the metal and wooden components reflects their material essence and the mechanical processing they have undergone.