We are a collaborative interdisciplinary team acting as an architecture lab. Our space doubles as a creative studio and fabrication workshop, which allows for a unique kind of pragmatism and experimentation with new material possibilities and fabrication techniques. 
We have been established as a workers' cooperative in order to support our common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations, through the formation of equal labour and production relations that a common ownership and horizontal management structure can offer us.

Michail Tavladorakis
Manolis Levedianos
Eleni Mastrogeorgopoulou
Orestis Athanasopoulos

Our workshop is located in Votanikos, the last district of central Athens that keeps alive the spirit of craftsmanship and production. It began its operation in 2018 as an open community workshop following the standards of fab labs/makerspaces, offering its facilities for about three years to a community of creators from various initiatives in the city.The same people who were involved in our project from the beginning continue to be the core of our collaborator’s network until today, while we jointly manage our workshop space with the ROKANI team.

​LUDD as a name refers to "King" or "General" Ludd, a mythical figure and collective nickname used by 19th-century England's textile craftsmen to assert their rights in a time of significant technological change. The "Luddites", as they have been called throughout history, unlike the common use of the term nowadays, were not opposed to technology as such, but rather to their alienation from the production process. The purpose of LUDD is to contribute to the re-establishment of the relationship between technology and the needs of creators and users, against the self-importance of technological innovation. 

Tsotiliou 3, Votanikos 10447, Athens
T: +30 2169005585, +30 6972763264
E: hello@ludd.gr