We work at the intersection of architecture, technology and cultural production. Our goal is to propose new ways of perceiving, shaping and inhabiting space based on polyphony and variability.

Through our work, which ranges from objects, furniture and installations to urban interventions and participatory initiatives, we explore the interconnection of contemporary design practices and technological production methods with approaches concerning the commons, sustainability, inclusivity and engineering in action. Our projects seek to intensify the user's relationship with the space in which he lives, entertains, works or wanders, while at the same time negotiating issues such as function and aesthetics, which merge with emotion, common life and memory.

Our practice combines design research with a strong foundation in the investigation of materials and production techniques.

We recognize the importance of coupling the theoretical and practical work in our projects as vital in order to understand design, construction and execution challenges. The symbiotic relationship between these two worlds introduces new ways of approaching design and pushes it to new possibilities that allow us to offer holistic solutions overcoming the limitations and the complexity of a project.

Architectural Design
Industrial Design
Tactical Urbanism
Production - Facilitation of Cultural Events