We specialise in the study and production of complex and technically demanding projects that combine a wide range of materials, technologies, digital and applied production methods or experimental approaches.

In addition to our personal projects, we offer construction services to architects, designers, artists and other creative groups. Depending on the requirements of each project, we cover a wide range of needs at various stages of the production process, whether it is the manufacture of prototypes, the cutting of pieces or the construction of complete objects and installations.

Our technical knowledge in both conventional and digital fabrication methods, but also our scientific background as designers-engineers determines the quality of our work.

In our workshop, we work with a wide range of equipment and facilities to carry out our projects. These include a fully equipped woodshop, metalshop, and other materials processing areas, hand tools, conventional as well as digital machinery (CNC Router, Laser Cutter).

Digital Fabrication for the project Office Renovation by Tenon Architecture

Digital Fabrication for the project Townhouse Hotel by Ioanna Zavitsanou

Digital Fabrication for an installation of Vasiliki Malakasi - Idea Design LTD

Fabrication of theater set

Digital Fabrication for the project Casa Odyssia by KRAK architects

Fabrication for the project Question Answering Machine by Jonah Senzel and Katarina Magarini

Design for Fabrication
Custom Fabrication
Digital Fabrication