Furniture for Landscape Architecture Studio & Plant Store



Grøn Landscape Design, Federica Scalise

Architectural Design: Federica Scalise

Design for Fabrication, Fabrication: Ludd


For the new office of the landscape architecture studio - nursery “GRON” of Yiannis Tsoutsas, we were entrusted with the construction of the furniture of the space, according to the plans of the architect Federica Scalise.

The challenge was to achieve a brutal and minimalist style creating volumes, without discontinuities, despite the fact that most of the constructions are complex and composed of several individual parts. For this reason, we emphasized on making an optimal selection of the joining points, also trying to minimize them. Additionally we ensured the accuracy of the individual formations of the metal parts through the use of digital fabrication methods and finally filling the joints with putty before the powder coat painting.

The first construction concerns a dark green central meeting table. The table rests on a semi-circular planter carrying a large plant, a fig tree in this case, and on the other side on a rectangular volume with deep vertical folds. The entire construction is made out of steel, laser-cut corrugated sheets for the end surfaces, internal ribs made out of hollow beams and thick blades passed through a CNC cylinder to form the nerves of the planter. 

The second composition concerns a tall dark green bar-type bench. The inner frame is made of iron beams, the front is formed by custom corrugated sheet metal, which ends at the side in a steel shelving unit. From the back there is access to the inside storage areas. The benchtop surface is made of pine plywood, capable of accepting a marble benchtop in the future.

The third composition concerns two white steel seating benches consisting of semi-slotted pieces of 4 mm thick steel sheets, produced by laser cutting and welded together.

Finally, a composition of staggered cabinets was manufactured from novopan covered by melamine, featuring push-open mechanisms on the cabinet doors.