Desk / Table Trestles




Industrial Design, Fabrication: Ludd


Λ-Trestle is a pair of simple and timeless tripod trestles that focuses on essential needs and easy handling. They can match any type of surface, equally suitable as a dinner table or work desk. The table top can be fixed to the trestles or simply placed on top of them, while the trestles can be easily stored away by stacking them in a row.  

Highlighting the connections and joints is an integral and expressive part of the overall aesthetic and design choices. By communicating how the different elements are connected and contribute to the overall strength and stability of the object, we celebrate the construction methods and showcase the beauty of the raw materials. An act of functional expression and honesty in the design that can be appreciated by those who value materiality and the structural integrity of objects.

We hand select the 6cm thick solid wood from which the frame is cut. The legs are tapered and all parts are cut to size and drilled with attention to detail. We usually use a hand finished oil technique in clear satin or mat look for the wood parts. The natural oils and waxes allow the true colour and character of the wood grain to shine by leaving a water resistant, clear and breathable surface. 

The trestles can be customised by changing the colour of the connecting elements or by using different types of lumber in order to match their hues and grain with the tabletop surface and surrounding environment.